whow – thanks for your support !

After completing our first crowdfunding campaign, we simply say:


We have now received support from 180+ people, with sums ranging from €5 to more than €1000! You have chosen between one and up to seven thank-you gifts, and some have simply donated without choosing a thank-you gift. With this money, we were able to complete the financing of our land purchase and buy some equipment. And of course trees, bushes and vegetable plants.
We are very very happy about your / your support!

In the next few days we will send out various mails to clarify questions (e.g. if it is not yet clear what name the ‘tree with your name’ should get), or also to send out the membership applications for the Ökonauts to those who have chosen this thank-you.

To all, we extend an invitation to sign up to our newsletter on our website to stay informed in general – actually the newsletter is in german language (link: https://waldgartenpilot.de/newsletter/ )

and we invite you to a introductory meeting for those interested ( on 25.1.at 18:30 via Skype – also german language). There you can clarify questions about how you can participate on the ground. If you are interested in participating, just send an email to: