News from the garden for 2024

We have a new core team, free plots will be available in 2024 & there is a New Year’s planting on January 6
Eiskristalle in der Pappelallee

Dear forest garden enthusiasts,
Peace has returned to the garden. Under a blanket of leaves and recently even snow, everything is preparing for spring. And we are also gathering strength and making plans for the new year.

Southern Forest garden area in december, photo: Matthias 2023

A lot has happened in the past season. The active members of the Waldgarten have elected a new core team from their midst. Five women and men from different disciplines and backgrounds will steer the development and implement tasks for the next two years. Janny and Matthias were already members of the previous core team and are looking forward to being joined by Sabine, Taro and Werner. There is also a treasurer, Manfred, who will take care of our financial issues for the core team. They are all supported by a committed forest garden community.

Currently important topics include the establishment of an economically viable vegetable garden and the planning and preparation of a syntropic agroforestry area on the northern meadow. The expansion of our infrastructure is also on the agenda. In several workshops, we impart well-founded specialist knowledge and promote networking among those interested in forest gardens. You can find information at: There are still lots of ideas, so stay tuned!

We put our solar system into operation in the 2023 gardening season. This allows us to pump irrigation water without emissions and makes us independent of fossil fuels. Under Janny’s management, vegetables were grown in the market garden and sold to the first customers. We also welcomed more members to our experimental gardens: people interested in gardening can try their hand at creating a bed to suit their own taste in demarcated areas. Plots are still available in 2024:

Experimentiergärten im Waldgartenpilot Rehfelde
View of the experimental gardens, photo: Jens 2023

For more impressions of the Rehfelder Forest Garden, take a look at the website: But the best thing to do is to get your own impression of this wonderful place.

There is an opportunity to do this at our New Year’s planting event: is there a more hopeful way to start the year than by planting trees in the ground? On January 6 at 10:30 a.m., we invite you to the forest garden. If the weather is suitable, we want to plant some trees and look forward to your help. We will be happy to share our knowledge about syntropic agroforestry in the beginning. If it gets cold, we’ll warm up with punch by the fire bowl and tell you about the project and all the opportunities to get involved.

In view of our many projects, we would be delighted to receive donations for our rebuilding agriculture: A donation makes an excellent Christmas present – without any packaging waste or taking up shelf space. But above all: with a donation you are doing something good for a meaningful project. We report on the use of funds in our newsletters.

We look forward to seeing you at the planting event, a visit to the garden or one of our workshops. We wish you all a happy and relaxing New Year!

Your forest garden in Rehfelde-Dorf

Eiskristalle auf der Pappelallee
Ice crystals on our poplar avenue, photo: Matthias 2023

Thanks to Sabine for the original German text!