Impressions from 2023

Our Market Garden
This year we even grow contemporary art in addition to vegetables at our solawi
Rehfelder Wassermelone
A watermelon from Rehfelde. And it’s even really tasty!
Rehfelder Gemüse
Isn’t that wonderful when everything on the plate comes from your own garden? Only the roasted peanuts are not from Rehfelde.
Taro grows brand new lettuce crosses for the sativa research project Mit vereinten Gärten
… here an already selected new variety in 4th generation. The varieties are being tested for their mildew tolerance for organic cultivation.
Pink oyster mushrooms from the mushroom garden
This year the first blueberries grow on the south meadow
There is also a first in raspberries.
… just like the gooseberries!
Schwarze Johannisbeeren
Only black currants we could already harvest last year.
Japanische Wollmispel
This Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) is tough. After it froze away in the winter, it sprouted again from the root.
Gilde im Juli
A newly created polyculture in July
Gilde August
the same Polyculture in August
… and in September
… and after the autumn pruning
Our local weather forecast: when the ants begin to move their nests upwards, we can expect a wet period. … and so it turned out to be.
At some point this amazing caterpillar will turn into an even more beautiful butterfly (Papilio machaon)
Again this year beautiful musk beEtles hatched on our grounds (Aromia moschata)
“Hello world, I just crawled out of my cocoon”.