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Food Forest near Berlin

We are building a large FoodForest near Berlin,
and we aim to spread the idea of food forests in agriculture throughout Europe.

This is what happened in 2021 when we started the project. Activate english subtitles (CC) !

Our association, Sarsarale e.V., already supports a Permafoodforest in Senegal, SubSahara-Africa, and it works wonderfully – with nature, not against it!
FoodForests are known for many decades for bringing back a rich biodiversity in agriculture, fix CO² in the soil, stop erosion
and counteract water scarcity.

We want to show that FoodForests can feed the world.
Existing FoofForests are durable, but small – we are scaling them up now.
First, we will build a large FoodForest, managed by a CSA, to show that it is possible to ensure sustainable food production AND be economically viable. CSA stands for community supported agriculture, meaning that the harvest is shared between the members whose contribution supports the farmer’s livelihood).

Then, with the help of documentation and scientific evaluation,
we want to collect realistic yield figures for food forests.
We will develop tutorials to build up this systems.
With these instructions and realistic yield figures, we will persuade farmers to produce healthy food in harmony with nature.

We want to bring a sustainable change to land use and food production
for the benefit of nature –
for all of us and our grandchildren.

If you would like to contact us, please use our

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Your questions, hints and requests are welcome. We´ll reply as soon as possible.

Waldgartenprojekt is based in Sarsarale e.V.
Contact persons are the core team (Janny, Matthias, Sabine, Taro & Werner)