New Year’s planting on January 6, 2024

Saatmischung für Saatnest

As in previous years, we started the new year with a tree planting campaign and invited all interested parties to plant a piece of the future with us. On the first Saturday of the new year, we met at 10:30 a.m. in our forest garden in Rehfelde-Dorf.

Short introduction to the theory behind the planting action before everyone gets too cold.

At the beginning there was a brief introduction as to why, what and how exactly we plant things according to the syntropic system. By the way, syntropy has nothing to do with tropical but is the opposite of entrophy, meaning “regenerative”.

Together we extended the row of syntropic agroforestry that we had already started. In the coming years and decades, different succession stages of trees and shrubs will grow in this north-south oriented grove strip, pushing each other upwards and gradually being extended by further rows. We prepared the line together, removed the grass and collected mulch. Then we planted some perennial fruit trees and a mixture of clippings from trees and shrubs in the prepared row and put lots of tree seeds, nuts and acorns in so-called “seed nests” in the ground.

Getting to work and warming up! First of all, the old structure has to be freed again.
In syntropic agroforestry, so-called “seed nests” with mixtures of seeds from fruit-bearing and supporting trees and shrubs are planted alongside trees and shrubs that already exist. Later, they are thinned out.
The old turf must be removed to ensure good growth of the woody plants. In the end, the exposed soil is thickly mulched.

We were able to warm up at a fire bowl with warm punch in between, as the temperatures were around freezing point. Lucky those who had dressed warmly with good weatherproof shoes and warm work gloves!

A great start to 2024!

Punch and fire are the perfect way to warm up or take a break.