Unsere News aus dem Waldgartenpiloten

  • Plantings on the south meadow

    Plantings on the south meadow

    The future forest garden on our south meadow is developing!

  • Scythe course on 26.6.2022

    Scythe course on 26.6.2022

    Now is the time: we offer the first scything course of the forest garden project,namely on 26.6.2022 from 10:30 am on the grounds of the forest garden pilot in Rehfelde. Uta, who learned scything from her father and grandfather, will show us how it’s done. The number of places is limited! Therefore, let us know…

  • Update: Eight months after the forest fires in Greece

    Update: Eight months after the forest fires in Greece

    A field visit to the burned forests near Athens offers a small hope regarding the regenerative capacity of Greek forests.

  • Heavy snowfall in Athens

    Heavy snowfall in Athens

    In the south of Europe, climate change is already more extreme than in Germany. This puts many trees to the test.

  • Christmas fundraising campaign 2021

    Christmas fundraising campaign 2021

    Our mother association Sarsarale asks for donations for the projects in Senegal.Some major purchases are needed for there. But hear for yourself: On this special page for the donation campaign you will find everything you need to know – and of course the link to the donation possibility:https://www.sarsarale.org/unterstuetze_uns/spendenkampagne/ Special tip: donate on Sunday via the…

  • Our Shade Tree Nursery

    Our Shade Tree Nursery

    To ensure that we have enough planting material in the coming years, part of our northern forest will become a shade tree nursery.

  • Forest fires in Greece, a report

    Forest fires in Greece, a report

    In the early August 2021 heat wave, Greece lost 11 percent of its national forests to wildfires.

  • Workshop “Circle Gardening” – 7 + 8 August

    a wonderful opportunity to learn about more complex gardening contexts and community gardening is now available at Forest Garden Pilot: we are building a community “circle garden” – and you are invited to join us! Circle gardening is a concept developed over several decades in which crop rotation is implemented in a very simple way.…

  • Play lottery ;)

    Play lottery 😉

    We are very happy that our forest garden pilot is now also supported by the German Postcode Lottery (DPL)! This allows us to take the next steps even faster: THANK YOU to everyone who plays the lottery especially with DPL, because the system of DPL is something very special in itself: if you buy a…

  • whow – thanks for your support !

    After completing our first crowdfunding campaign, we simply say: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU We have now received support from 180+ people, with sums ranging from €5 to more than €1000! You have chosen between one and up to seven thank-you gifts, and some have simply donated without choosing a thank-you gift. With this…

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